If you have a mannequin that is missing its butt rod – here is the bad news and the good news about finding a replacement.

There is not a universal butt rod that fits all mannequins. Butt rod (also called bum rods) vary in shape (square or round) depending upon the mannequin manufacturer. Even within the same manufacturer’s product line they offer several variations of butt rods to go with different styles and poses of mannequins.

So here are your options:
-if you can locate the name of the manufacturer (sometimes stamped on the mannequin’s head, foot or butt) contact the manufacturer directly. We have a listing of the most popular mannequin manufacturers on our blog.

-if there is a used mannequin vendor or someone who repairs mannequins in your city (Mannequin Madness has a office in Oakland, Ca) they often have a large selection of spare butt rods. But you will need to bring in the lower half of your mannequin to find the right fit.

-lastly if your mannequin has a hole in their foot (it will either be a square or round hole) Mannequin Madness sells metal stands that will work in 85% of the mannequins on the market. Order here: http://www.mannequinmadness.com/www/product_info.php?products_id=122&osCsid=hbhattl7d0is25515bgeb7o5i0

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