Tired of hearing nothing but bad news? Check out the website of former CNN anchorwoman, Daryn Kagan, www.DarynKagan.com. Her website’s tagline is “Show the World What’s Possible” and is dedicated to inspirational news and profiles of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Oprah Radio on Sirius XM broadcasts content from her website – need I say more?

Daryn found the story of Mannequin Madness to be inspirational and featured us on her site this month – Oprah are you listening? We are a woman owned, minority owned, green business in the recycling industry (how is that for being a niche business?)

Plus I started the company in the midst of the last economic downturn (2001) after being laid off from my dot-com job. Yes people thought I was crazy to start a business then, especially one involving stiffs and dummies. Plus I had never touched a mannequin before or worked in the retail industry. Hence the name Mannequin Madness, because I certainly had to be a little “crazy” to start this venture.

Check out what Daryn Kagan had to say about us: