Since we celebrate Earth Day next month, I thought it was a good time to repost this article which highlights our mannequin recycling efforts. Fortunately more and more retailers are adopting policies so that their unwanted mannequins do not end up in the landfill. Now when they remodel or close stores they call companies such as Mannequin Madness and other mannequin recycling companies.

The article below was written by Heather Strang for RetailDesignDiva blog.

Recycling today is what Lycra was in the ’80s–it’s everywhere. We’re recycling pretty much anything we can get our hands on, be it cardboard, plastic, cell phones or batteries.

But despite the recycling mania, you’ll never guess what retailers are recycling these days. I’ll give you two hints:

1) It creepily mocks you from store windows
2) I wrote a haiku in its honor.

If you guessed obnoxious teenage sales associates (is school back in session yet?!), you’re wrong. But if you guessed mannequins–you’re absolutely right. Weird, eh? After thinking about it for awhile though, I realized how incredibly intelligent it is to recycle mannequins.

We love the Earth so much that we don’t want one more thing plugging up another stinky landfill. Even if it is a cross-eyed stick-like figure featured in stores throughout the country. I mean, someone has to show us what those clothes look like on a body. And it isn’t going to be me.

Thankfully, there’s Mannequin Madness–a company that not only recycles mannequins, but also sells recycled mannequins to retailers. In fact, according to the company, it recycles more than 100,000 pounds of mannequins a year. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized Mannequin Madness for its outstanding mannequin recycling efforts; while retailers such as Nike, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Kohl’s and Bloomingdale’s have their mannequins recycled with the company.

So, before you toss that headless mannequin into the dumpster, consider showing the world some love and have it recycled instead. There are simply no more excuses for tossing mannequin bodies, or anything else for that matter, in the garbage. Welcome to 2008–year of the green!

Has your company purchased recycled mannequins or is it currently recycling mannequins? What are your thoughts on this super cool eco-friendly retail option? Tell us all about it here

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