Mannequins are not just for clothing stores – but for a variety of retail establishments. A restaurant owner in Ohio put a busty mannequin in front of his establishment, dressed her in some Daisy Dukes and midriff top and named her BarB Q – get it? He put a sign in her arms advertising his daily specials and saw his business increase by 40%!  Plus he has received local and national massive media coverage. 

We have 4 different styles of  mannequins with big boobs like the Bar B Q mannequin, at Mannequin Madness  –  Dolly, Angelina, Rita and Kianna. Usually the customers who purchase the mannequins are casinos,  auto dealers, nightclubs or lingerie stores.  We love it when mannequins are used in unexpected places!

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13 years ago

Proof that mannequins from their inception still boost sales of all types of “merchandise”!

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