Here are some shots from our mannequin boneyard at Mannequin Madness before we moved into our new warehouse the boneyard was outside. The mannequin and mannequin parts in our boneyard do not “rest in peace” very long. Instead a wide variety of customers to here to buy distressed mannequins or mannequin parts for a wide variety of purposes. Some of the purpose are listed below.
Scene from a mannequin boneyard
Scene from a mannequin boneyard

Scenes from a Mannequin Boneyard
Scenes from a Mannequin Boneyard

Mannequin Legs – to make a leg lamp or to turn a pair of legs into a barstool
Mannequin Torsos – very popular with mosiac artists
Distressed Mannequins – Halloween haunted house, Burning Man exhibits
Miscellaneous parts – theatre productions
Mannequin Hands – the #1 requested mannequin part. People use mannequin hands for all types of art projects

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13 years ago

Mannequin Parts…

I bought 2 female mannequins this summer for different reasons, one Halloween and two for display on my deck next year. I would like to clean them up (give them a decent paint job) but they are also missing both of their hands. I didn’t know how hard it was going to be finding 2 pairs of female hands and how expensive it was.

I was wondering if you could help me or lead me in a direction of someone who could? One mannequin has a completely round hole in her wrist where the peg for her hand would fit. Her body has a label that says “Decter” on it. The other mannequin has more of a keyhole (2 holes, small and larger) on her wrist.

If this makes any sense to you and you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. It would be great fun using them for Halloween and posing them around the house throughout the year. My family thinks I’m weird anyway… what the heck.

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