The saga continues of the scantily clad busty mannequin strategically placed in front of a BBQ restaurant to attract attention.  The mannequin did her job, business increased at the restaurant by 40%, ( that is why mannequins are called silent salespeople) but city officials were not happy. Seems the mannequin violated zoning laws and she her nearly naked body was offensive to some locals – especially neighboring  jealous restaurant owners. 

Over 500 people signed a petition for the mannequin (named Bar B – Q, a play on Barbie) to remain and after numerous appeals to city hall officials the decision was made to let the mannequin stay, but she had to wear more modest attire. But eventually this decision was overturned and the mannequin was allowed to wear her halter top and Daisy Dukes.

Sales of our versions of the  big bust Bar B Q mannequin – Kianna, Dolly, Angelina and Rita – have been steady ever since this saga began.