Everyone knows that Michael Jackson had a  collection of exotic animals, but did you know that he collected mannequins too?  According to an upcoming book written by  former confidante  Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the King of Pop  filled one room in his Neverland Ranch home with mannequins so he could feel like he was surrounded by people.

And earlier this year there is video footage of Michael Jackson and his children coming out of an Ed Hardy store in Beverly Hills, with a heavily tattooed mannequin being loaded into their car. Apparently they not only liked Ed Hardy fashions, but the mannequins that the clothing were displayed on. 

While some people might say this is just another example of Michael Jackson’s eccentrities, we at Mannequin Madness say this behavior is more common than one might think. We have lots of customers – men and women – who collect mannequins for fun. They like to dress them up – like life-sized Barbie dolls. 

Sometimes people  put vintage outfits on them that belonged to a deceased family member. Another customer of ours bought an Elton John jacket at a celebrity charity event and to bought a mannequin to display the jacket in his dining room. For some reason gay men in particular love to buy our used realistic Rootstein mannequins – the more dramatic the pose the better. 

Others buy mannequins to use a decoy to make it appear that someone is in an empty house to foil potential robbers.  When they are not using it as a decoy thye decorate it  different costumes throughout the year based on holiday themes. 

Years ago the owner of a tatoo shop bought mannequins to showcase different examples of his more outrageous tatoo designs. Had we known that Michael Jackson liked that type of thing we could sold him enough mannequins to fill an arena.  

So you don’t have to have a Michael Jackson size bank account to have a room full of mannequins – just visit  Mannequin Madness!






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12 years ago

It’s very interesting topic i like it the most among other articles here.

12 years ago

Interesting, i understand that Michael had some other hobbies (like collecting mannequins) beside spending time with children on the Neverland Ranch.

9 years ago

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