If you are the DIY type and want to make your own “A Christmas Story” leg lamp this blog post is for you. We have tips on the most popular types of mannequin legs people use and links to blogs with instructions on how to wire the lamp.


The most popular style is this free standing  29” flesh colored hosiery leg with a hole at the top which makes it easy to install the electrical wiring. We have a used version of this leg at a reduced price and free shipping here. This youtube video and this one explain how to make a leg lamp with this style leg.


Next in popularity is a  ” clear hosiery leg because this will allow the leg to look illuminated like the one in the movie. But the arch on the foot on this one makes it a little bit of a challenge to put a shoe on it.



This 28” hosiery leg (available in white or fleshtone) is preferred by people who like the idea that is comes with its own stand.  Even if they end up NOT using this stand, they just like the idea of this coming with a stand.



Like the other two legs above, this one also has a hole at the top so you can easily install the electrical wiring. For instructions on how to wire any of these legs above which are tabletop height, check out this blog post from someone who actually did it.

If you want a taller lamp, one to set on a floor versus a table, then life sized legs are needed. So people they a pair of used mannequin legs that were once the lower half of a full size mannequin.


If you decide to go this route try to purchase mannequin legs that detach in the middle.  Otherwise you have to saw them in half – not an easy thing to do. Plus you can make two lamps at the same time, so you can give one as a gift and keep one for yourself.  This blog post from another website explains how to make a lamp from a pair of life size mannequin legs.

Once you have purchased the mannequin leg of your choice you need these supplies:

-A lamp shade – sometimes you can find this at thrift stores

–  A round wood base- you can find these at craft store

–  Black Fringe – also at a craft store

–   a lamp kit and a brace (or piece of wood) so that is secure on the leg like this:


-a black high heeled pump – something else you might find at Goodwill or other thrift store. Usually a size 7  shoe works best. And you can cut the toes off the feet if the shoe is too small.

-An adhesive like JB Weld ( available at any hardware store) to attach the shoe to the wood base.

Fishnet stockings – you can get a good deal on these at Halloween stores AFTER Halloween is over. Buy  fishnet stockings with a band a few inches above the knee so you can glue the band to the leg to keep it from slipping down.


-A rotozip or a simliar device so you can cut a hole in the foot to drape the wiring through

-Last note, some people install a yellow light bulb versus white bulb because they like the glow it gives off.


Here  youtube videos that explain how to make these lamps: