We just acquired  over 30 mannequins from Bebe because they are remodeling their stores.  Not only are these mannequins in great condition, but they are made of a special material that makes them virtually unbreakable. Very handy if you are using mannequins at trade-shows, flea markets or at photo-shoots.

All the mannequins come with a stand that goes in their calf. Since the mannequins are all one solid piece, they are expensive to ship, so we are only selling them to customers in the Bay Area. We do have some torsos though that we will ship out of the area.

recycled mannequin
recycled mannequin from Bebe

Call Judi or Jay at 510 444 0650 for prices and details.

recycled mannequin from Bebe
recycled mannequin from Bebechrome torso from Bebe

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