used "unbreakable" mannequins
used "unbreakable" mannequins

When retail stores remodel they frequently have mannequins to get rid of so they call companies like Mannequin Madness to recycle them. Otherwise these mannequins might end up dumped in a landfill. Not a good place for products that do not biodegrade!

We have been asked by a national retailer of a woman’s speciality store to recycle their mannequins at over 200 stores.  They had two types of headless mannequins – white or chrome – both of which are made of a special type of fiberglass that is virtually indestructible. You can drop them and they won’t break.  (But the paint does chip on the chrome mannequins) 

used chrome mannequin

used chrome mannequins

Normally these mannequins would cost hundreds of dollars brand new- but you can get them between $100- $200. Because the mannequins are all one solid piece, they are expensive to ship. So they are a bargain only if you can come to our warehouse – or one of our affiliates listed below – and pick up the mannequin.

Here are the various locations where you can find these used mannequins:

Name                                                                                        Phone Number

Mannequin Madness (SF Bay Area)                              (510) 444 0650

Las Vegas Mannequins (Las Vegas)                              (702) 987-5830

Farkas Store Fixtures (San Diego)                                  (619) 234-3262

Western Store Fixtures  (Orange County, Ca)           (714) 639-4050

Modern Mannequin (Houston, Texas)                         (713) 695-9613     

Display Importer (East Los Angeles)                           (626) 388-9618Universal Store Fixtures (Detroit)                                (313) 272-1226

Abec Inc (Akron Ohio)                                                      (330) 253-3737

Manne-King (Denver, Colorado)                                  (303)  399 8712

Ace Used Fixtures (Cincinnatti, Ohio)                       (513)  591-1200

Bargain Store Fixtures (Orlando, Florida)               (866) 415-9362

Redbeau Mannequins (Austell, Ga)                           (770) 739-9989

The cost, quantity and quality varies at each location.

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11 years ago

Thanks for spending time on the coputemr (writing) so others don’t have to.

9 years ago

am interested on buyin diferent types of mannequies, this is to buy and sale!; who can i speak whit to discuss a deal?

7 years ago

I would like some mannequins for my spectacular Halloween display. I live in Barberton OH, about 45mins from Cleveland. Can you give me a good location for me to find them please, include store name, phone, address to my email. Thank you!!

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