Mannequin with Big Breasts
Mannequin with Big Breasts

This mannequin has breasts that are at much larger than the average mannequin.

We decided to add her to our inventory and name her Jenna after I saw an interview that Oprah had with America’s #1 porn star, Jenna Jameson.

Never did I think a porn star would have anything impressive to say – that wasn’t sex related. But I was totally blown away (excuse the pun) by Jenna’s business savvy, sensitivity and survival skills.

I was so impressed with the interview that I got her book “How to Make Love like a Porn Star, a cautionary tale.”  The book was mesmerizing, funny and a testament to her determination.

Got to give the girl credit for pulling herself up  by her bra straps, I mean bootstraps. She is the queen of porn, like Oprah is the queen of talk and they both made unprecedented sums of money from their talents.

Anyway I am digressing away from the point.  If you want a fantasy mannequin for your restaurant, bar, casino or in your “man cave”, here you go. Jenna costs $350 plus shipping. She is made of fiberglass which prevents her from fulfilling any sexual fantasies.

Curvaceous Mannequin
Curvaceous Mannequin


This guide is written by Judi Townsend of Mannequin Madness. Mannequin Madness sells new and used mannequins from a variety of manufacturers.



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