The price of a used mannequin can range from free to upwards of hundreds of dollars. Mannequins which are highly sought after by collectors – like the limited edition Cher mannequin by Rootstein, can cost more than the original purchase price, because they are  no longer in production.

For those of you want a mannequin just for fun or for a business need, here are some tips to guide you on your search.

Five Places Where You Can Find a Used Mannequin

1 CRAIGSLIST  is where you can  occasionally find free or dirt cheap mannequins. Individuals getting rid of a mannequins that have been in their garage or small boutiques that are closing will often post them on craigslist.  If you are looking for a particular type of mannequin and don’t care what city it is in type this into a google search: <whatever you are searching for>  For example<seated male mannequin>

2 FREECYCLE – why I have had limited success in finding used mannequins here, I have heard from others that free mannequins do pop up here from time to time

3 STORE CLOSINGS -should you hear about a big retailer in your city that is going out of business, call to see if they are selling mannequins. Sometimes they send their mannequins to other store locations, sometimes they sell them in bulk to mannequin liquidators, but often they will sell small quantities to individuals

4 MANNEQUIN LIQUIDATORS – There are mannequin liquidator companies like ours throughout the country whose business is selling used mannequins and shipping them to customers all over the US. Companies like ours work exclusively with high end retail stores to recycle their old mannequins when they remodel and update stores. Do a google search for: used mannequins for sale, recycled mannequins or used store fixtures to find such an operation near you.

5 EBAY  – Ebay is also a good resource for finding a used mannequin but sometimes it can be overwhelming to scroll through all the choices.

Helpful Tips When  Buying a Used Mannequin

Ask the seller if they know the name of the manufacturer of the mannequin. This will be helpful information in the event you have to get the mannequin repaired or need parts in the future. It is always easier to get this done from the original manufacturer. The more expensive the mannequin, the more likely the seller will know the name of the manufacturer.

If you find a used mannequin and it has all their parts intact but they are damaged, know that these can be repaired. Sometimes you can repair it yourself using Bondo and craft paint from Michaels. For more extensive work you can send it to companies that specialize in mannequin repairs (see google again for sources)

Mannequins with broken or missing fingers can also be repaired. If the fingers are missing then make sure you try to negotiate a lower price on the mannequin because it will cost you more to repair a finger that has to be rebuilt rather than re-attached.

Mannequins needing a replacement arm or hand are not always a good deal, even if they are cheap. The attachment fittings vary widely from brand to brand. You need to get them directly from the manufacturer or bring your mannequin into a facility that has spare parts to try to find one that will be a close fit. If the mannequin is missing arms, there are bendable cloth arms that can be used as a replacement. But these arms do not have hands

If the mannequin is missing a stand, this is also a tough one. If the mannequin has a ROUND hole in the bottom of the foot, there is a particular type of stand that fits 80% of the mannequins on the market, which we sell here. The stands that go into the calf or butt of the mannequin are difficult to find because one again, there are not universal fittings. If you have a dress form that is missing a stand, this is a little easier to find. But keep in mind that the diameter of the rod can vary from very narrow to very wide,

This post was written by Judi Townsend, the president of Mannequin Madness a national mannequin liquidation company. Email her at or call at 510 444 0650.

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Nelson Collier
Nelson Collier
8 years ago

Yes, I was wondering if you all had some mannequin stands in your bone yard? I need three metal stands, foot, butt, & calf rods. My mannequins are vintage 1980’s made in Italy. Foot stands will work for all. I had once read where J.C. Penney use to get their mannequins during that time from an Italian manufacturer.
If so, how much do they run with shipping to Texas?

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