Decoupage Dress Mannequin Floor Lamp: This decoupage dress mannequin floor lamp makes for a unique light source.

By Danette Ward

Danette Ward, known as the “Decoupage Diva” to her friends, loves the idea of turning plain pieces into one-of-a-kind works of art. She does this with creativity and a passion for decoupage. After creating a few cigar box purses for friends, the idea caught on and soon she was having trouble making enough to keep up with the demand! Her success spurred her to start decoupaging other items including luggage, light switches and lamps. But in true “Diva” fashion, Danette put her mark on the lamp world by making hers out of dress forms.

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Mosaic Mannequin Torso Lamps – Brisbane


Read the entire article here

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11 years ago

How cool! I also make mannequin lamps, but mine are goddesses, at this point. I’m sure I’ll expand once I run out of goddesses!

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