A mannequin adds ambiance to disco theme Absolute Party
A mannequin adds ambiance to disco theme Absolut Party

Mannequins are silent salespeople and savvy event planners are finding creative ways to use mannequins to communicate a branding message for their corporate clients.

Mannequins were an important part of the décor in the launch party Absolut Vodka hosted when they released their new mirror-covered bottle holder.

The spirits company hired the design firm Extra!  Extra! to design a disco-era environment and produce a look reminiscent of the famed Studio 54 nightclub

The centerpiece of the evening was a 10-foot-tall bottle-shaped installation made from 500 Absolut Disco bottles, which essentially became the room’s disco ball.

Giant Disco Ball made from Absolut Mirrored Bottle Holders

Stylist Patricia Field added to the retro visuals by partnering with Absolut for the event, creating several vignettes of mannequins dressed in ’70s-style, disco-inspired clothing.

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