Lady Gaga had several naked and nearly mannequins on stage with her when she performed at the Glastonbury Festival last year. Our London affiliate, Mannakin Ltd, supplied her production with the mannequins. The mannequins were more than just props on the stage. Rumor has it that she fondled the private parts of one of the male mannequins while she sang.



Both Britney Spears and Katy Perry have written songs that make references to mannequins. Michael Jackson apparently had a house full of mannequins. Not too long before he died he went into an Ed Hardy store in Beverly Hills and not only bought clothing but bought the mannequins that were displaying the clothing! What is it about musicians and mannequins?

Well, to tell you the truth – we really don’t care as long as they buy or rent their mannequins from Mannequin Madness in the US or Mannakin Ltd in London.





Mannequins fondle each other at Lady Gaga performance.



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