The Sidewalk Catwalk presented by LF USA is a public art exhibit featuring New York City’s top fashion designers.



The 32 different designers customized a mannequin and the mannequins are on display in the Fashion District in New York until the fall.  Some of the “dresses” the mannequins are wearing are straight off the runway looks, others are strange and others are funny. Some use recycled materials.

Here are photos of all 32 mannequins  in the Sidewalk Catwalk exhibit.

The mannequins are being auctioned off on eBay which proceeds going to a non-profit organization. The starting bid is $500

If these prices are too expensive for you, consider buying a used mannequin from us and create your own public or private art project. Many non-profits have discovered that this is a fun way to involve the community in their fund raising campaigns.

Dress forms, mannequin body parts (heads, feet, hands) are also nice canvases to use for this purpose.

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