While this mannequin might look like she is nude sunbathing, she is actually getting ready for a photo shoot at Bikini This website specializes in bikinis (talk about a niche) and they frequently give retailers tips the best display products they should buy to showcase swimwear in retail and online stores. They highly recommended this mannequin they purchased from us.

We like posting independent product reviews on our blog, because that is more credible than you just taking our word for it.  Here is what Bikini Help said about this mannequin: “We’re extremely happy with this busty mannequin. It’s an ideal mannequin for displaying bikinis and lingerie. It has an aesthetically pleasing pose that’s very well balanced and the simplicity of the setup makes dressing it as frustration free as possible. Whether you’re designing a store display or thinking about using it as an accent piece in your home we highly recommend it 😉

It’s become the focal point in our studio for sure.” To read the complete post and see more photos including step by step assembly instructions and detailed measurements, click here.


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