We love to hear real life examples from our customers on how renting or buying a mannequin has made a significant difference in their sales at a trade-show.  Mannequins are silent salespeople for all kinds of retailers.

Shades of Dance a  is company that specializes  in skin tone convertible dance tights for people of all shades. They were preparing for one of their first trade-shows when they contacted us last year.  Like most new vendors, most of their budget had been used for exhibition fees,  buying inventory, travel costs, etc, so they had a limited budget  for visual merchandising tools at their booth. But what is the point of being at a trade-show if your booth does not attract people to come by?

We were able to help Shades of Dance find the right products at the right price for their booth. They did a combination of renting  a big ticket item (a chrome color mannequin that could be seen from far away)  and buying items (inexpensive leg forms that could fit on the table-top).

Mannequin bring more sales to trade-show vendor
Mannequin bring more sales to trade-show vendor

Robin Maddrey, the owner of Shades of Dance, sent us the following email after the trade -show.

“I just wanted to follow-up with you and say thank you once again for your effort in getting Shades of Dance the items that were needed for our display.  As previously mentioned we were attending a dance conference and wanted to make a good impression with the executive board.  We were the only vendor providing dancewear for people of color and the wow factor was when we wheeled our 5’8 mannequin into the marketplace…everyone’s jaw dropped. Again, thank you for everything and I look forward to utilizing your services again.”

Robin also reported that her sales exceeded her expectations and she has since rented from us again for another trade-show.Of course while the mannequins brought people to the booth, it was her unique product and good customer service that is what gets people to buy. Even the most fantastic looking trade-show booth with lots of mannequins, won’t generate sales if your product is not what people want.

On the other hand you can have the greatest product in the world, but if people aren’t attracted to your trade-show booth, they will never know how great your product is.

Mannequin Madness offers a wide range of new and used mannequins and dress forms for rent and for sale so that you can have the most attractive trade-show booth at your event.

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