Mannequin at wedding themed gala

It is not everyday that you see a wedding gown made entirely of flowers. This was on display at a gala party held in the New York Public library for Bridal Fashion Week in New York last month. Interesting factoid, this was the venue where Carrie Bradshaw got stood up at the altar by Mr. Big.

The Knot (one of our clients) sponsored the gala and celebrity floral designer Preston Bailey created this dramatic display of the beautiful bride along with “his” and “her” poodles. Another factoid, this mannequin, (but not the dress) is available for sale or rent on our website.

Preston Bailey floral genius

Preston Bailey is a floral genius. No wonder celebrities such as Oprah, Donald Trump, Joan Rivers, Donna Karan, and Bill Cosby are some of his clients. Once on the Oprah Show there was a fantasy wedding give away.  Preston transformed the tv studio into a floral fantasy and the couple was married on the show. It was spectacular – he does things with flowers I didn’t think flowers could do.
One of my fantasies is that when my husband and I renew our wedding vows next year, Preston will do our floral designs. So Oprah – are you listening? I need your help to make this happen.  It is far easier to get married than to stay married, so how about we celebrate that! How about a wedding vow renewal give-away?

Preston Bailey Floral Design

If you have used a mannequin in a unique way for a wedding send us your photos or video and we will post it here. If you need to rent or buy a mannequin, visit our online store.


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