Nine Foot Tall Mannequin
Nine Foot Tall Mannequin

This mannequin is nine feet tall (average mannequin is 5’11”) and is made by Silverstri. Needless to say if you had a store window tall enough to put her in, she would certainly capture the attention of passerby. Believe it or not she wears regular sizes. Her name is Harriet, but we think it should be Valkyrie.

This mannequin is just one of the items on display at the Retail Design Collective visual showrooms in New York, where they showcase the latest trends in visual merchandising products. For a complete list of what is available you can see them on the DDI website. Here are some of our favorites.

Siegal and Stockman

These mannequins have a glossy chrome finish and are made by Siegal and Stockman. They are a french brand that caters to American luxury stores – which means expensive. For a less expensive version check out these metallic male and female mannequins we have for $395.

metallic mannequin

Mannequin dress forms with articulated arms and fingers were shown in a variety of fabrics and textures in many of the Retail Design Collective showrooms. We carry them as well in leatherette:


In the past when Mannequin Madness only carried used mannequins we could not offer our customers the latest trends in mannequins. But now that we are a distributor for two companies (one on the east coast and one of the west coast) that import mannequins from China, we can offer our customer comparable items (at 1/2 of the price) to the hottest trends.


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11 years ago

These are really neat, very inspirational.

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