I saw this post on the visual merchandising blog I Do Windows and thought they had a great idea on how you can change the look of your realistic (or abstract mannequin. Here is what the blog post said: (peter please put this text in the paragraph below in italics)

Why have I uploaded this striking advertisement from Christian Dior cosmetics?Because I think this is a look that can easily be replicated on a mannequin, without causing any damage to the mannequin’s face. If you work in a store where you have mannequins that have been made to look like they are in full face make-up, it would be best not to try to change the face paint. My students tell me all the time, how old and beat up their “models” will begin to look over the years, and I agree; but doing what we in the industry call a “renovation” on a mannequins face is a skilled trade. I still catch the occasional student applying paint to their mannequin’s face with disastrous results! I think the advert above is clever way to do something interesting with the face for a campaign or a make-up display as they have shown here.

The addition of a very dramatic flower on the face of the mannequin can create a very impressive window display, especially if you have multiple mannequins in a window. Other styles and colors of flowers can be used to change with the seasons. Or you can also substitute other items for the flowers: a pink heart for valentine’s day, stars for July 4th, leaves for fall.

We sell a variety of realistic mannequins at Mannequin Madness. And if the mannequins you own are too beat up where no amount of flowers can camouflage the damage, we offer repair services.


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