Since most of our customers are independent retailers, I am always on the lookout for creative and budget friendly ideas that they can do to make their window displays more interesting. In 2009 Mannequin Madness created an affiliate with London based Mannequin Ltd so I started subscribing to blogs about fashion and visual merchandising in Europe to see if there are interesting trends that would be appropriate here

One of my favorite blogs, The Window Display Blog, featured an article about how using mirrors in window can magnify the impact of the display. Here is an excerpt from the post:

Mirrors are a popular way to create interesting design effects in window displays. They can reflect the product so that the customer sees it multiple times and from different angles. They can make the windows look bigger and create illusions of different space. They will also reflect images of the customer and the outside world.

Whether the items in the window are mannequins (which of course it they should be) Or —

Mirrored pedestals to display shoes or other products. The visual effect of a mirror is a simple, but impactful.


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