Successful retailers know that a good window display should sell “emotions”, not just display product. People buy more when they feel an emotional connection to the product.

In the photo above all of the products displayed – the candles, the fountain, the book, the eye mask – create a scene so that the customer can imagine herself lounging in that tub after a long day. If these items were displayed in the window WITHOUT the bathtub and the mannequin, the impact would not be as dramatic. In fact people would pass by and probably not notice. It is amazing what a difference a few props make in window displays.

You can rent a bathtub from a prop rental company and then change the props and products frequently during the rental. For example keep the same female mannequin in the tub but change the props to make it appeal that she is getting ready for a night out on the town instead of relaxing from a long day.

Or put a male mannequin in the tub with her and props to showcase that they are getting ready for a romantic evening. And depending upon your clientele you could put an inter-racial couple in the tub or two females or two male mannequins in the tub together – this will certainly attract attention to your window display!!!!

Here is another example of a bathtub and strong props, and in this case the additional of good signage.

If renting a bathtub is just not possible, there are other ways that you can create the feel of a bath. A shower curtain, mirror and a mannequin go a long way to create the ambience of a bathroom.

This window display could be used to sell hair care, skin care, spa or make-up products.

Just a note in each of the scenario’s above, the mannequins are not complete mannequins. It is just the upper torso in the last two photos and in the first photo the mannequin only has one arm and one leg. This is a budget friendly tip to let you know that partial mannequins or mannequin parts can be useful. In fact one of the mannequins has a big crack on her back, but the props conceal it.

We sell new and used mannequins at Mannequin Madness and this is just a few of the creative ways that visual merchandisers have displayed mannequins.


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silvia melendez
silvia melendez
11 years ago

hello! iam really interested to be part of this. i have a store and my fav part is making the windows

Klinika stomatologiczna
Klinika stomatologiczna
9 years ago

Hello. impressive job. I did not anticipate this. This is a fantastic story. Thanks! Klinika stomatologiczna

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