If it is true that we are judged by the company we keep, I’m in big trouble since as the owner of Mannequin Madness I spend my days being surrounded by a bunch of “dummies.” But recently my luck changed for the better as I had the opportunity to be in the company of some very influential and wealthy people. It was all online, we think that still counts.

Mannequin Madness was featured in the Huffington Post the day after it was purchased by AOL for a whopping $315 million. (Arianna Huffington – you go girl!).

I thought the Huffington Post was primarily a political blog site, so I was pleasantly surprised when Angela Haines, a freelance reporter contacted me for an interview about my business expansion as a result of winning the British Airways Face to Face Contest last year.

Since there weren’t any political ramifications to my profile, I wondered by the Huffington Post was writing an article about the British Airways contest for small business owners. It turns out that only 15% of the content on the The Huffington Post is political in nature. Instead they write a lot of articles to empower women – socially, politically and economically. The writer who interviewed me, Angela Haines, is the managing director of Golden Seeds, an organization that supports women in business.

So since I was lucky enough to not only be profiled in the Huffington Post, but to be profiled on the day of the purchase, I hope this is an omen for the (near) future.


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