Mannequins – the fiberglass ones, not the live models on the catwalk are getting top billing for a change. We think it is about time, as mannequins work much harder than supermodels for a fraction of the fee!

Karl Lagerfeld produced this movie short for Chanel and it is spooky, yet fashion forward at the same time. It kinda reminds me of a twilight zone episode, especially because of the accompanying music. There are no words and very little movement – as all the main “characters” except for 3 people are mannequins.

Video link:

Mannequins have always been the object of fantasy, but usually they have been supporting players, not the lead character. Well except for the movie Mannequin with Kim Cattrall.

We have had several independent movies and music videos shot at our mannequin warehouse last year. The wide variety of mannequins we have available as background is something that creative types find very appealing.

We came very close to having a segment of America’s Next Top Model shot there.


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