If you have been reading our blog you know that in addition blogging about mannequins, we blog about good visual merchandising. We are convinced (through feedback from our clients) that good visuals in the window translate into increased sales.

So although we certainly want to promote the use of mannequins in the window (no matter what product is being sold) we know that simply putting a mannequin in the window is not enough. You have sell “emotions”, not just product and this requires good visual merchandising.

Good visual merchandising does not have to been expensive – even though if you saw the windows at Barney’s or Bergdorf’s you would might think otherwise. So that is why we highlight eye-catching window displays that are created by freelance visual merchandises for independent retailers who don’t have the deep pockets that retail chains do.

One of our favorite freelancers is Keith Dillion. Here is a before shot of what the windows looked like for one of his clients.

How boring is this? Unfortunately this is how almost every other independent clothing retail shop looks like anywhere you go. A row of headless mannequins or dress forms arranged military style in the window. Ho Hum.

Here is what it looked like after they hired Keith Dillion. Va Va Voom! The props, lighting, and signage are not that expensive, but they make a HUGE difference. And having the mannequins in various poses makes the whole scene much more visually interesting.

Not to mention this is a Xmas holiday window that does not scream at you, like so many do. It is elegantly festive. Now this is one of Keith’s early window displays so that is why the clothing styles are a bit dated (Alexis Carrington anyone?) But you get the idea, this scene can translated to a variety of clothing styles, not just evening wear

If you are a freelance visual merchandiser or a retailer who uses freelancers, send us photos of your eye-catching window displays. We want encourage more independent retailers to use props to make their window displays more interesting. Good visuals = More sales.


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