Visual artists seeking damaged mannequins or mannequin parts for their art projects will find a variety of choices at Mannequin Madness. In addition to selling used mannequins that we acquire from retail stores when they remodel or close stores, we keep a mannequin boneyard in our Bay Area warehouse that has an continuous assortment of distressed items at bargain prices.

We rarely get a chance to see the finished projects that are created with our miscellaneous mannequin parts. But we recently came across the website of Stephanie Hunter, an artist/designer based in Los Angeles who creates captivating art using old mannequins as her canvas.

Most of the mannequins are missing limbs like this one:

Or this one, which ismissing multiple limbs and has a broken leg
3 art mannequin 434

Many of them are covered in photographs of erotic paintings and photographs like this headless torso
4 art mannequin205

She also creates PG rated art using child mannequins5 art mannequin432

And even turns generic headless male dress forms into a work of art.

We love the fact that she is creating art with recycled mannequins, and we really love art that is also functional like this mannequin leg lamp

If you have created an art project with used mannequins or mannequin parts, please send us photos of your work so we can feature it here. If you are looking for used mannequins for your art projects, we may have what you are looking for at Mannequin Madness.


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