Mannequin legs in a cross legged pose are sexy. Even unadorned they look inviting. Here are some unique window displays people have used with mannequin legs. We sell a variety of new and used mannequins legs at Mannequin

Hosiery and Shoes
Hosiery and Shoes
Pole- Dancing Mannequin Legs selling shoes
Pole- Dancing Mannequin Legs selling shoes

Lanvin Window display with mannequin leg selling shoes and skirt (and a mannequin hand with jewelry in the palm)
mannequin leg

A Halloween Display

At a party in NY for Swarovski crystals to showcase how their products are being used in shoes, the event planner created this “window display.”

It is a combination of mannequin legs and the legs of real live models who would change their pose periodically which caught the attendees by surprise.

Send us your photos of unique window displays or art projects that you have created with mannequin legs.


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