Retailers from all over the country call Mannequin Madness when they are remodeling or closing stores and have mannequins they no longer need. Rather than throw them in the landfill, which is what retailers used to do (and sadly some still do) they call us to find new homes for the mannequins.

Sometimes the mannequins are in mint condition, just an older style. Sometimes they are a little worn, but still good for online retailers or consignment stores. Sometimes they are distressed, but good for art projects. Like the mannequin on the right.

A retailer on the east coast contacted us about 12 Rootstein mannequins that he wants to sell, the wigs are included.

This post just has five of the 12 mannequins available. If you are interested send us an email and we will send you the remaining photos and price range. Brand new Rootstein mannequins are normally $1,000 and up (not including the wig). We are selling for considerably less.


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