new mannequin trendsAccording this slide show from Visual Merchandsing Store Design the latest trends in mannequins are two extremes. Either they are extremely futuristic looking with unusual finishes or retro looking with interesting textures. There is even a new term “modern vintage collection” – how is that for an oxymoron?

One thing is for sure, as mannequin styles change, Mannequin Madness will continue to be the primary source that retailers contact to sell their unwanted, but still functional mannequins. We then resell or rent these mannequins to businesses and individuals who don’t mind buying a “pre-owned” mannequin at a discount price.

The mannequin on the photo above looks very much like some of the mannequins in the 2011 mannequin trends slide show. But guess what? It is a cast off from an Armani store that we acquired earlier this year. Normally this mannequin would retail for over $1,000 brand new, but we are selling complete ones for $350 and torsos missing legs like the one in the photo below for $85
new mannequin trends 1

Seems like everything old is new again. Here are other examples of “gently used” mannequins in our warehouse which look like some of the 2011 trends.

new mannequin trends 2

new mannequin trends 3


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