mannequin massage therapyPeople ask me all the time “what is the most unusual request you have received from someone wanting to buy a mannequin?” Usually it is the people who attend Burning Man who have the most unusual ideas for using mannequins or mannequin parts, closely followed by producers for music videos.

But occasionally I get requests from non-artists who contact our company to buy a mannequin for some unusual purpose. Like once when a massage therapist wanted to buy a specific type of mannequin head, not just any mannequin head, but the one in the photo above.

This is what he sent in his email: “I’m actually a massage therapist and I was buying the mannequin for instructional purposes to demonstrate a Manual Lymphatic Drainage technique for the face. The fact that it could lay flat on a massage table withstability, and had a portion of the trapezius muscles, made it perfect for this purpose.”

Who knew that a mannequin head could be an educational tool for massage therapists? I would love to hear the unusual ways you have used a mannequin or a mannequin part.


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10 years ago

Hello there,

I am looking for mannequin head (Man) to buy. Please quote me for 50 unit and my location is in Kuala Lumpur.

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