Many retailers think that simply placing their latest products in the store window is enough to attract the attention of passerby. If you are selling an Ipad, that is certainly true. But for most other retailers, you need to do something more to get people’s attention. One way to do this is to have your window display be related to a person, place or thing that is currently generating a lot of media buzz.

Take for example, the royal wedding of William and Kate.

While a store selling anything related to weddings – (dresses, invitations, flowers) – has an obvious way to tie into the Royal Wedding.

budget friendly window displays

In truth, any retailer could can create a royal wedding connection. This retailer was selling regular street wear – not wedding related clothing – but with the strategic use of props and signage it created a Royal Wedding connection.

budget friendly window displays

See, compelling window displays look like a scene from a play. The props and signage in your windows support the “star” which is the product you are selling. This is why window shopping is called street theatre. And when something in your window is connected to something that is already generating a ton of media attention, this is the equivalent of getting free publicity for your “play.”

budget friendly window displays

As you can see from these store window displays, there is a lot of different ways you can interpret Royal Wedding fever. You just have to interpret it in a way that is authentic to your brand. Whether you are selling lingerie –

budget friendly window displays

Or housewares. (Wouldn’t this display have been more impressive if mannequins were sitting at the table holding the glasses?)

budget friendly window displays

For inspiration look a whatever is generating lots of media attention in your community – a local cultural or music festival for example, or a convention. Or browse the magazine covers at your local bookstore to see what are the popular themes or people that everyone is talking about.

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