There is a current trend by interior designers and fashion forward individuals to use mannequin dress forms in various home decor scenes in both private residences and in hotels.

Here are three examples.

First there is 34th annual San Francisco Showcase Tour where each room in an architecturally interesting home is transformed by the city’s top interior designers. This event is a popular fundraiser and is the best place to see what the hottest trends are in interior design.

Well there is a small closet in one of the bedrooms and there are three leather dress forms (rented from Mannequin Madness for the occasion) wearing couture gowns. It is like having a three dimensional art piece on display, to showcase your favorite gowns.

1 mannequin home decor

This is not the first time that people have rented or purchased a dress form from Mannequin Madness to display a couture outfit in their home. Some people display their wedding gowns or vintage clothing. One gentlemen bought several jackets worn by Elton John and bought used male dress form to display the jackets in this living room.

Visual Presentation/Personal Branding Expert, Shelia Coates, owner of Be Your Own Brand Unlimited redecorated her bedroom and has a dress form to display her extensive collection of pearl necklaces. This great example of functional art. Much better to have your necklaces out on display where you can see them and easier to access than if there were all tangled up in a drawer.

1 mannequin home decor 1

The Crosby Hotel in Soho has dress forms in many of their rooms, each one covered in different fabric and patterns to match the color scheme of the room They suggest guests use the dress form to hang their coats, belts or jewelry.

In the photo below from the Crosby Hotel the dress form is in the far left corner in the same fabric as the headboard.
1 mannequin home decor 2


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