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Good visual merchandising can help any retailer (online or offline) sell more products. Even if you owned a flower store or garden center, where the products are already visually appealing, a few visual merchandising tricks can make a big difference.

Visual Merchandiser, Joe Baer, owner of Zen Genius did a presentation at the American Nursery and Landscaping Association trade show about the importance of creating at least one WOW display into their stores. What we liked about his presentation is he showed how a mannequin or bust form could be incorporated into a great garden display.

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As you can see, mannequin are not just for clothing stores. In fact I got started in this business because I wanted to put a mannequin in my garden and cover it with mosaic tiles!

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We sell a variety of new and gently used mannequins, dress forms and mannequin parts at Mannequin Madness so that ANY retailer can create the perfect display for their needs.

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