A speciality boutique in NYC contacted us to help them sell their mannequins which are virtually brand new. Apparently a new visual merchandising team has come in and they no longer like what the prior team selected. So although they have had these mannequins less than three months, they have to go.

These popular egghead style of mannequins were manufactured by Mondo Mannequin. They have an opaque type look, that can change colors depending upon how the light hits them. With a light directly behind them, they appear lighter and give off a slight glow of the color that is behind. They have a nice clean look that is perfect for a museum.

The measurements are approx.

33.5 bust

23.5 waist

35 hip

5’10” hip

The boutique originally had 80 of them and sold many of them on craigslist. They currently have 35 left. Special pricing can be negotiated if you are willing to buy all of them.

Call Mannequin Madness at 866 444 1752 for details.

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