Window Display by ChadMichael

These eye-catching window displays were created by Chad Morrisette a visual merchandiser at CM Squared Designs in West Hollywood.

West Hollywood is second only to “The Castro” as the gay capital of world and many of the retailers he works with are located in areas populated by entertainment industry folk. This is code for saying Chad has MUCH more liberty to create edgy displays, than your average window dresser.

Window Display by ChadMichael

Besides the great props used in all of these window displays, check out the great poses on the mannequins. Mannequins standing upright in a military type pose which that many stores default to using is SO uninteresting. Chad has been a customer of ours, buying many of our high end mannequins that we have recycled from retail stores.

Chad said this about visual merchandising. “It’s a dying art that people don’t know about. It’s more like installation art, and we use mannequins for the expression.” Of course we at Mannequin Madness love, love, love anyone who uses mannequins for creative expression. And if that creative expression results in more sales for the retailer, even better!

Window Display by ChadMichael

Chad was recently profiled in Racked about a reality television program he is pitching about visual merchandising. (We are also in the early stages of discussion about a reality tv show about doing visual merchandising make-overs on retail stores)

Whether Chad has a visual merchandising show or Mannequin Madness has one, we say it is about time for some real talent and creativity on reality tv! Enough with the Housewives of …..(fill in the blank) which is nothing but a grown up version of mean girls from high school.

ChadMichael Window Display

These five examples of window displays by Chad showcase his range of talent. We hope that more retailers will see the value of using the services of a visual merchandiser to create eye-catching window displays. Mannequin Madness has contacts with visual merchandisers throughout the country if you need a referral.


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