Despite the fact that they don’t use many mannequins in their store windows, Anthropologie is still one of our favorites examples of outstanding window displays for clothing retailers. Why? Because we have the same mantra – “you don’t need a big budget to have creative window displays.”

Our primary business at Mannequin Madness is selling used mannequins and inexpensive new mannequins to retailers so that they can stretch their visual merchandising budget. Our goal is to enable them to have more money leftover to spend for their window displays. (so they can sell more merchandise and then buy more mannequins from us)

Our blog features many examples of budget-friendly, yet eye-catching window displays for retailers in all industries, but especially clothing retailers.

Too many retailers think that just putting a mannequin in the window with their latest offering is enough to attract the attention of passerby. Unless you are the only store in town, this is not the case. You need some street theatre in you window to lure people inside.

Anthropologie has mastered the art of  small budget, big impact window displays. This Anthropologie video that was featured on The Feast gives you a peek behind the scenes of their creative process.


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