If you have ever imagined doing a photo shoot, music video or feature film in a warehouse with all types of mannequins, we can make that happen for you.

Mannequin Madness has a 1300 square foot warehouse available for rent in the San Francisco Bay Area filled with a wide range of mannequins, mannequin parts and dress forms. You can either rent our facility or rent your favorite mannequins to use on location.

And if your production is outside of the Bay Area, we have a network of other mannequin vendors in other parts of the country that are also willing to rent their warehouses or mannequins. Just send us an email with the details and we will make the connection for you.

A few years ago a location scout at America’s Next Top Model contacted us about renting our warehouse to shoot an episode with the contestants posing among our mannequins. Much to our disappointment, it fell through at the last minute but seems like models posing with mannequins has had a recent upsurge in popularity.

There was this one with Megan Fox in Interview magazine:

megan fox poses with a mannequin

And these two for Fudge magazine, a Japanese fashion magazine

photography by don francisco

This one looks a little creepy to me, but then again art is a very person thing

photography by don francisco

When British Airways featured our company in one of their online promotions, they brought a large production crew from NYC to film at our facility and the results were fantastic:

Whether you have a big budget production (our favorite) like the British Airways one or something on a leaner budget (we will stretch, but can’t it won’t be free or barter) Mannequin Madness can make your creative project a success.

And in case this is your first time scouting a location, here is an excellent article that provides 11 tips for great location scouting

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