NPR article on mannequins

National Public Radio did a feature on about resurgence of life-like looking mannequins. According to the people interviewed for the story, this new trend in mannequins is credited with luring in more customers into retail stores.

Hopefully headless mannequins in store windows will be a thing of the past!

While headless mannequins are useful for online retailers, dressmakers or INSIDE a store – most visual merchandisers agree that in the retail store window you need a mannequin with a face.

“As online shopping grows and grows, it seems that people coming into the stores are even more and more interested in a tactile experience,” says Craig Childress. He works for Envirosell, a New York City-based firm that studies consumer behavior. He says a well-designed mannequin will invite shoppers to interact with the merchandise.

Mannequin Madness sells a range of new and used mannequins with realistic faces from a wide range of manufacturers.