This mannequin is completed covered in broken pieces of colored glass. This is just one of many ways that old mannequins are given a new life by artists.

We keep a bargain bin of old mannequins and mannequin parts for local (SF Bay Area) artists to peruse through. We are always amazed at the unique art projects they talk about making with their purchases.  Some of the ideas are really imaginative, others are just plain weird. But we love that we are able to assist people express their creativity, while simultaneously keep a mannequin from going to the landfill.

Everyone who knows me (or knows of me) is always sending me snapshots of mannequin art that they encounter in their travels. A friend of mine was in Napa Valley when she saw the two mannequins featured in this post. While she wasn’t able to find the price of them (the store was closed when she saw these) the fact that they were in the window in Napa, tells me they weren’t cheap.

This mannequin is covered in buttons. How labor intensive that must have been!  So we have a recycled mannequin covered in recycled buttons and becoming a futuristic looking human sculpture. Might not be for everyone’s taste, but you gotta give the artist credit for being resourceful.



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