WOW. That is hopefully the same reaction you will have as you view these images of garden art sculptures created from distressed mannequins. (The photos are in a slideshow format so there are multiple images in the same frame)

Even if you don’t love mannequins (like I do) or sell used mannequins (like I do) I think you will love these garden sculptures (like I did). They remind me of the work of Julie Taymor (did the the sets for the Lion King among other projects). They are not only breathtaking, but  mystical, magical and transformative.

These were created by Bay Area artist Elizabeth Mallory. She calls them Equins. Not sure what that means but I am going to guess that it means Environmental Mannequins or something like that. Or Extraordinary mannequins.

garden sculpture

A little bio on Elizabeth:

 Valerie Elizabeth Mallory, sculptor, painter, stage/environment designer, and editor/founder of the art magazine, They. She has been involved in the visual arts since 1980’s. Presently, her environment design work is featured in exhibition spaces in Denver and in San Francisco. She is the poetry stage designer at Burningman, and has created this stage since 2005.

In the spring of 2008, she started working with Robert Toci, professional gardener and landscaper, on privately commissioned pieces to be permanently installed in gardens in Piedmont county. 


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Terry Rose
Terry Rose
7 years ago

They are beautiful!

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