Here is an example of modern art that is eye-catching, unique AND eco-friendly. (It is eco-friendly because they are salvaged mannequins, not sure if the paint itself is environmentally friendly, we hope so)

These images are taken from the website of Sue Lund at painter who is based in Brooklyn. Brooklyn, New Zealand that is. Next to kiwi fruit, Sue is the best thing to come from New Zealand. Here is a photo of Sue along with her version of Adam and Eve.

I found about about Sue from one of my daily google alerts about mannequins. The article was about a restaurant in New Zealand that had on their roof top mannequins painted by Sue that were celebrating the World Rugby Cup that is being held there. Here are some of the images.

How cool is that? Given that we sell lots of used mannequins (primarily to local artists who can come to our SF Bay area warehouse and comb their our mannequin boneyard) we LOVE to see unique ways that artists breathe new life into old mannequins

Sue, like many of our local artists also likes mannequin parts.


Sue paints on other objects as well as buildings, but we love her mannequin art. If you want to see a full slideshow of her mannequin art, click here. If you want to create your own art work using mannequins or mannequin parts, contact Mannequin Madness. Note: we don’t have any FREE mannequins, but we do have deeply discounted distressed mannequins. 

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Carole Waters
Carole Waters
10 years ago

I would love to own one of these mannequins…..HOW can I get one please???????

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