Good visual merchandising, doesn’t have to be expensive, just creative. That is our motto here at Mannequin Madness and we use our blog to show retailers examples of all kinds of budget-friendly creative ways to display their products

Jewelry – whether it is vintage, modern, expensive or costume – is an emotional purchase. Adding a few visual merchandising touches can enhance the appeal of the jewelry.

Here is an example of taking old mannequin hands like these that we sell for $15 each-

And with the addition of a glove, the jewelry stands out a lot more than it it was just laying flat.

The jewelry is further enhanced with the addition another hand and a beautiful piece of contrasting fabric underneath.

Mannequin hands that have an arm attached to them (we sell them for $30) are great for bracelets.

But it is also interesting to display bracelets between the fingers instead of on the wrist.

We also have other types of mannequin hands such as these which are covered in velvet.

Or these  which have a nice wide palm to display a wide range of jewelry pieces.


Here are links to other blog posts showing interesting ways to use  old mannequin hands or mannequin arms  to make your jewelry display more appealing.

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