One of the most effective ways to catch the attention of shoppers if you have a retail store (or booth at a trade-show) is employ the concept of juxtaposition. While this may sound complicated, it simply means to place side by side unexpected combinations of colors, shapes and ideas.

For example, it is totally unexpected to put shoes on the head of a mannequin, like Barney’s did in one of their store windows. Note: all Barney’s photos in this blog post are from the fabulous blog “Modelizing, the Art of Window Shopping by Julia Cheskey

Not only do the shoes stand out (the ultimate goal of visual merchandising is to stand out from the crowd) but this display has humor (a characteristic missing in most retail window displays)

You don’t have to buy a full sized mannequin to get this type of impact.

Here are other examples from window displays at Barney’s windows using mannequin heads in unexpected ways to display accessories (in unexpected ways)


This mannequin bust displays a hat and a handbag. Another head (not shown) displays a beautiful bracelet on top of the head.

This vintage style mannequin head holds a pair of very modern shoes.

This head displaying a handbag reminds me of village women from developing countries that carry baskets of goods on their head


Here are just a few of the large selection of unique mannequin heads  we have for sale at Mannequin Madness. All of them are brand new, even the ones that look vintage. Let your imagination go wild unique things to juxtapose with them.



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