You might not be able to tell from these photos, but these mannequins are fiberglass versions of Cher and Joan Collins

Because they were painted over by the museum who asked us to recycle them, we didn’t realize initially that these were not just any run of the mill vintage mannequin.

But once in the hands of a skilled mannequin refurbisher, even an old beat up mannequin can be restored to her former glory. Look at what David Costa at Dash and Dazzle, did with one of the Cher mannequin’s that a customer purchased from us.










Just removing the paint, made a big difference, because Cher had glass eyes. But once you add eye-lashes, diva make-up and a wig – voila – there is Cher!

We are sold out of Joan and Cher but we have lots of other painted over vintage Rootstein mannequins that could be transformed into the great beauties that they once were.  We received over 100 from the museum and given their age, the mannequins are in surprisingly good condition.

































We periodically feature used mannequins on our website, but if you are interested in these vintage beauties, send us an email at They are selling faster than we can keep updated on our site. Prices range from $175-$250.