Mannequin for the Over 40 crowd

While I think this mannequin looks a bit like a drag queen, she represents a novelty in mannequins. She is called a WOOPIE – which stands for Wealthy Older Person. This was a line of mannequins that was manufactured awhile back by Adel Rootstein for retailers with a mature clientele.

She has no wrinkles or gray hair, but still manages to give off an aura of being “mature” – at least by mannequin standards. Like most mannequins and real life models, she is thin and tall, but at least this is a step in the right direction to showcase diversity.  Mannequins representing older people and plus sizes are virtually non-existent in window displays at retail stores.

Mannequin for the Over 40 crowd

In fact the only reason we had these two mannequins was because the retail store that carried them decided they no longer wanted them in their stores.

So this is one of the reasons why we end up getting perfectly good used mannequins to sell to the public. These did not have any structural damage, no broken parts and had only been in the stores for a short time. This particular brand of mannequin (Rootstein) cost upwards of $1200 brand new. This is why buying used mannequins is a good value.


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Lonnie Hanzon
Lonnie Hanzon
10 years ago

I want her! Can’t find link

10 years ago
Reply to  Lonnie Hanzon

she is sold out, but if we get more like her we will let you know

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