Surreal Art Using Mannequin Parts

Trent Nahas is an artist based in the SF Bay area who creates amazing sculptures using distressed mannequins. He came to our warehouse in Oakland to purchase some mannequin parts from our boneyard and he brought in samples of his work to give me an idea of what type of mannequin parts he was needed.

Surreal Art Using Mannequin Parts

He actually prefers our most distressed, broken, beat up mannequin parts and he transforms them into something fabulous.

Surreal Art Using Mannequin Parts

Mannequin Madness sells a variety of new and used mannequins that artists use for projects such as this. If you have a unique project that you had done with mannequin parts, send us photos or videos so we can feature here. We love to see the unique art that create with mannequins.

We featured other examples of surreal art with mannequin parts in an earlier  post here.


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