A mannequin “urinating” and spelling out the word SALE with his “pee” – is attracting all kinds of attention for Phillip Browne, a men’s wear clothing shop in the UK. The mannequin was surrounded by empty champagne bottles, party poppers and discarded clothes to depict the aftermath of a night out.

This window display generated massive local and even international media attention for the store.And that is what a good window display is supposed to do – get your store noticed. But it should not offend people and apparently enough people were offended, instead of amused by this display, and the local police requested the shop owner change or remove the display.


Personally I think this display was genius – perfect for a men’s clothing store. Because they used a wooden, headless mannequin instead of a realistic looking mannequin, this made it comical – like a stick figure drawing. People get real funny about seeing naked mannequins in the store windows so this was a good way to reduce the possibility of offending even more people.

Perhaps the shop owner was inspired by the famous Manneken Pis fountain in Brussels with the statue of the little boy peeing into the fountain. (I never understood why this fountain was such an attraction. According to Wikipedia it has the same cultural significance of the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen)

What do you think – what this funny and amusing or disgusting and offensive?

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