Valentines day window display
Valentines day window display

Here is wonderful example of mannequins selling a product that is not clothing related. This is a Valentine’s display for a florist, but the same concept could be used for other industries. Mannequins may be stiff, but they exude emotions. And emotions is what motivates people to spend more. Forget about the evils of overconsumption, if you are a retailer you want to urge people to buy your goods. Strong visual merchandising is what draws people inside you store.

A few props and the right mannequins make a huge difference between a window display that is Ho -hum versus one that is Wow! This window was created by one of our favorite freelance visual merchandisers, Keith Dillion in Los Angeles. If you are a freelance visual merchandiser or a retailer who uses freelancers, send us photos of your eye-catching window displays. We want encourage more independent retailers to use props to make their window displays more interesting. Good visuals = More sales.


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