If you are new to mannequins, all the mannequin choices available may seem daunting. There are as many brands of mannequins as there are brands of cars. And each brand has a variety of choices within the line.

When it comes to mannequins, one brand in particular stands out as one of the most coveted (and most expensive) – Adel Rootstein mannequins.

These mannequins first came on the scene in the 1960’s and  although other companies have tried to copy Rootstein styles and poses – none of come close. Oh they may look similar, but the quality and durability are not there. Sorta of like buying a real Louis Vuitton bag and versus a knock off from a street vendor.

This archived 1994 article from the Los Angeles Times explains the history, mystique and appeal about Rootstein mannequins. A brand new Rootstein mannequins costs now costs arounds $1300, not $800 as mentioned in this article. (Remember the article is 18 years old)

For those people who cannot afford a brand new Rootstein mannequin we frequently have gently used Rootstein mannequins for sale on our website. We acquire them from retail chains or museums who are updating their mannequins and ask us to recycle their old ones.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, send us an email (sales@mannequinmadness.com) and ask to be put on our Rootstein Collectors list Then you can be notified of new arrivals before we post them on our website or Ebay. Many of the most popular styles never make online because the collectors buy them up right away.


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Lekisha Dasovich
Lekisha Dasovich
10 years ago

Interesting description. I love to see clearly IMDB

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